Our snack

Brady Toscani want to repropose this moment with the flavors of tradition and the warmth of your friends.

In the agricultural tradition of Tuscany, the merenda was almost an institution: it represented you, a moment of rest from the hard work but also allowed that moment of conviviality and lightness that perhaps today we have a little lost.


In Tuscany the classic focaccia takes various names crushes , ESPLANADE, crushed, CIACCIA.

To Brady Toscani is born the CIACCINTA.

obtained with a leavened dough homemade meal selected local, together with the very delicate lard cinta senese , crushed to a round shape, the Ciaccinta owes its name to the encounter between a traditional bread revisited in modern form and the flavors of salami from CINTA Senese that encloses inside.

You tried matching any salami of the Cinta senese, when you like, but the moment of snack, perhaps with friends and a glass of wine, it is perhaps the best way to appreciate it.

ciaccinta 1