Cheese aged under hay

Sheep’s cheese

The use of plant products in the aging of cheeses is recommended both for optimal preservation, both because they contribute to convey particular aromas that make the aged cheeses nothing short of “unique”.

The aged under hay are the result of an ancient Tuscan tradition that wants hay an ideal herb to protect the cheese from insects during its first maturation.
Usually placed inside earthenware bowls but in some cases also in oak barrels, the cheese covered by hay releases the essences of the herbaceous notes typical of hay just collected in the fields in June.

It is a tasty cheese but at the same time not too spicy, served on the table after about a year of seasoning along with Tuscan cold cuts, like our swine cheater of the Cinta Senese breed. Excellent also with jams not too sugary or composed of the most varied flavors, also available from I Bradi Toscani.
We recommend to accompany everything from a good wine, strictly red, our RI.VA.LE is a great choice.

Given the craftsmanship of the product, the weight may undergo some slight variation.