Sheep’s cheese

The cheese “Barbabeccp” is composed of the two words “Barba” and “Becco” which in Italian mean “beard” and “goat” then “goat beard”.
This is a cheese that takes its name from the homonymous herbaceous plant that grows spontaneously in the pastures in Val d’Orcia with characteristic flowers, reminiscent of a feather or a beard, and that reproduce carried by the wind. All children raised in Val d’Orcia, like the Bradi Toscani, have blown on these flowers to see them dissolve in the air and let them be carried by the wind.
The cheese has a skin that gives the eye the idea of a veil of white mold and also releases hints of mold, but contrary to appearance, surprises with its sweetness and creaminess.
We suggest you to taste it with the cured ham of pig of the Tuscan Bradi Cinta Senese breed and a good fruity wine.

Given the craftsmanship of the product, the weight may undergo some slight variation.