Cantucci Classici Biscuits


The union of flour, eggs, almonds and sugar leads to the creation of Cantucci, the pride of the pastry chefs of Tuscany, symbol of the confectionery tradition. According to some, the history of the “Cantuccio Toscano” dates back to the sixteenth century. The ancient Latins called them “cantellus” which means “piece of bread”, even if in Tuscany it is used to say “put yourself in a cantuccio” that is in a corner, in a canton, just for their shape of clove, corner.
The recipe is an authentic “secret” and from the tables laid by the court of the Medici to our days have always gladdened the end of the meal between one fluffy and another of the cheerful groups, soaked with a good vinsanto even if they have always been loved with a cup of cappuccino in the morning.